arabesque inclinée Ballet Auditions Europe
Intensive Ballet Program in France

Master ballet auditions and sign your first contract in Europe
Ballet Auditions Coaching Program in Versailles, France
"Ballet Auditions Europe" is an Intensive Coaching Program designed for talented dancers 18+. It takes place at Ballets Artémis boutique studio located in Fontenay le Fleury, a quiet environment only 20 minutes from Versailles' Castle and 35 minutes from Paris downtown by public transportation.

"Ballet Auditions Europe" unique Curriculum  

A strong Ballet Technique training
  • daily ballet technique class with both American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum and French Curriculum Certified teacher
  • daily coaching on advanced technical steps (fouettés, manèges, tour en l'air, big jumps)
  • one on one coaching on classical repertoire variations and contemporary solo (at least twice a week)
  • daily artistry assessment in a positive environment

Ballet Auditions
Individual Counselling :
  • resume / cv writing
  • selection of your audition marketing material (photos and videos)
  • review and selection of companies and auditions all over Europe
  • personnalized marketing tools
  • individual coaching and support
Ballet studio
Seminars and lectures :
  • Ballet auditions 101 : how to prepare, how to approach, how to audition effectively...
  • Ballet Companies in Europe
  • Travelling and auditionning in Europe
  • Focus and stay "centered" all through your ballet auditions
  • Choosing the leotard to best show off your attributes
  • Psychological aspects of the audition process
  • Master proper use of social media and IT to market yourself
  • 10% off your Professionnal Photoshoot at Rachel Neville Photography Long Island City, NY 11101
  • Free Wifi internet access in the lobby
  • discount access to various pilates and yoga studio in Versailles, St Germain en Laye
  • discount at various danceshops in the area and Paris
Housing and lodging
We do not provide housing,lodging, meals, nor transportation, but we can provide you a list of nearby residences, hotels, supermarkets and grocery stores.